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Korra Del Rio & Spencer Bradley – Her First Trans Encounter #01


Spencer Bradley is relaxing while watching TV when she notices a girl walking into her backyard. Surprised by this, she quickly leaves to see what is happening and finds her beautiful transsexual neighbor Korra Del Rio, who tells her that she wanted to sunbathe by the pool and manages to convince Spencer to dress in a sexy green bikini.
A few minutes later, both girls are relaxed lounging by the pool. So they start talking:
-SB: “I am a lesbian. I am not into men.”
-KR: “Okay. Have you ever been with a man?”
-KR:”Strapons or dildos?”
-SB:”Of course, I have been penetrated. Just never with a penis.”
Then Bradley starts looking Korra´s panties and notices her dick. Which causes the talk to become very hot and both decide to enter the house.
Spencer Bradley and Korra Del Rio start kissing very intensely and touching each other’s tits. The beautiful tranny wastes no time and starts sucking on her new lover’s nipples, after which Korra spreads Spencer’s legs and starts eating her hairy pussy.
Bradley gets very horny and kneels down to start giving her new shemale girlfriend a blowjob, then the young lesbian gets on all fours and Del Rio begins to penetrate her without a condom. After several minutes of having the active sexual role, Korra del Rio is fucked by Spencer Bradley, who uses a strap-on with a dildo to penetrate her anally.
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